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We understand that as the owner of a nonprofit, you wear many hats. We admire your hard work and want to thank you for giving back. As a token of our appreciation, we are excited to offer this website option to help you market your business in a professional, affordable way. Help your cause by letting us help you. Read on to discover how we can create a great website to increase your organization’s online presence.

For qualified non profits only.

Who can sign up?

To see If You Qualify, make sure your organization meets the following criteria. To be eligible for the $1,500 Website, your organization must have:

Annual Profit

Have an annual profit not exceeding the amount of $50,000

501(c)(3) status

Hold current 501(c)(3) status, as determined by the U.S. IRS and have been operating for at least 2 years.

IRS 990 form

Submit IRS 990 form to verify organization’s current annual revenue and expenses

Completed Application

Complete and submit the program application to be considered

How Does It Work?

Have your info ready to go

Gather and share all of your images and text so we can get started on your website right away. Think about your design preferences and show us examples of what inspires you!

We do what we do best

We’ll start working on your website as soon as you send us your content. We will be focused on fulfilling your website’s vision throughout the course of the project. You’ll also be able to see our progress with a link that gives you individual permission to view your website.

One last review

After the website process, you’ll get to see everything we’ve done and assess your new site for final changes. During a two-hour phone call, we will modify your website according to your wishes.

The final step

Your website is ready to launch! Once we go live with your site, we will send you our All-Inclusive WordPress Guide loaded with advice on how to operate your website.


  • Working closely with our small professional design team
  • WordPress site with up to 5 main pages
  • Personalized template that includes the layout, color scheme, and typefaces
  • Mobile and tablet compatible design
  • Easily found on a search engine (SEO)
  • Optional blog, contact form, image gallery, and social media integration
  • A two-hour phone call to address any alterations and modifications that you consider necessary
  • Connecting your domain name to your brand new website

We also offer the following add-ons to maximize your site customization:

  • Easily accept one-time donations $49/month
  • Easily allow donors to set up recurring donations $99/month
  • Logo design + 500 business cards $750
  • Brochure design $550
  • MailChimp email newsletter sign up $150
  • E-commerce for up to 5 products $250


$1000 upfront, $500 deposit

Who Should Get the $1500 Website?

Creative Juice’s $1500 Website is not a perfect fit for everyone, although we wish we could provide this service to everyone interested. We are offering this discounted website option to give back to organizations who already give so much. Read on to see if you would be qualified for this unique website option.

The $1500 Website is the right choice if you:

  • Are a nonprofit with a limited budget and want a website to support your cause
  • Have a flexible amount of time
  • Want a maximum of 5 web pages
  • Prepared your content and have it ready for us (copy, images, etc.)
  • Are willing to allow professional web designers to control most of the website creating process
  • Want an impressive WordPress website help grow your nonprofit

The $1500 Website is the wrong choice if you:

  • Desire to be more hands-on and be very involved in the various aspects and use of your website
  • Want 6 or more web pages
  • Do not have your content prepared
  • Need a website launched very quickly
  • Want a significant amount of time for revisions
  • Do not fit the qualifications for the $1500 Website

Creative Juice is ready to help you fulfill your website design needs.

Let’s Do This!